Open Source Conference 2016 Shimane

Open Source Conference 2016 Shimane (OSC2016 Shimane) will be hosted at Matsue Terrsa on 24 September (Saturday).

Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan is known as “Ruby City”, where annual RubyWorld Conference is held and local government is supporting research, development and communication related to Open Source Software. City of Matsue has opened the “Matsue open source laboratory” as a seminar venue right next to their main station in the town, and offering to any open source projects and communities to host seminars free for charge. Venue of OSC2016 Shimane is next to this Matsue open source laboratory.

OSC2016 Shimane is sponsored by the association of open source business companies in the region, local government, and Shimane University. This event has the single talk track with 15 minutes each. A social gathering will be hosted near the venue, details TBA.

Prof. Dr. Ken Sakamura,  professor in Information science at the University of Tokyo, known as the creator of the real-time operating system architecture TRON is delivering keynote “Era of Open IoT” at OSC2016 Shimane.

Open Source Conference 2016 Shimane (OSC島根)
Date: 24 September 2016 (Saturday) 10:00-17:00
Venue: Matsue Terrsa
Admission: Free of Charge
Online Registration for Keynote: (in Japanese only)

OSC 2016 Shimane website: (Japanese only)
Access to the venue of OSC 2016 Shimane:
Matsue open source laboratory introduction (pdf):

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