Final call! Last chance to apply for COSCUP 2016 FLOSS contributors’ reserved tickets, or be ready to raid the registration site with regular attendees. Our community friends in Japan even blogged with full step-by-step instructions, so what are you waiting for?

VIP Application:

COSCUP is the largest open source conference in Taiwan, theme of the year is “Toward the Future: To inherit, lay the foundation, and break the boundaries”.

The spirit of sharing is the fundamental idea of COSCUP: COSCUP believe the culture of open source could only be fulfilled through mass participation, discussion, and derivation.

No matter what you’d like to seek –– first-hand experiences, colliding and realizing project ideas, a first-time taste of open source community as a newcomer –– Here at COSCUP, it is glad to invite you to join this annual gathering, passing the blazing fire of freedom and sharing to the next generation.