COSCUP 2016 – Call For Presentations

The largest open source conference in Taiwan – COSCUP 2016 is now calling for presentations till 4/24.
This year theme is “Toward the Future: To inherit, lay the foundation, and break the boundaries”.

COSCUP 2016 provides technical talks, invited panel discussions, workshops, lightning talks, unconference as previous years. Additionally, COSCUP 2016 provides the following newly themed sessions and special tracks.
  • “To inherit” : Invites few groups of teacher and student to co-speak on their projects or success stories which related to open source.
  • “Lay the foundation”: It’s a track to provide a series of 15-min talks, which are longer than lightning talks, to introduce any initial projects/ideas/concepts which related to open source.
  • “break the boundaries”: Speaks on a topic which across more than 1 technology to solve a single problem, eg. R and Python on data science analysis.
  • “Apache Software Foundation Special Track” is a special track for any ASF projects and communities related projects.

Besides above topics, COSCUP 2016 are also looking for proposals in the following topic areas.

  • Open Source Developing Experiences
    • New OSS projects introduction
    • Experience sharing to the newbies
    • How to make your projects more popular
    • How to cooperate to the developers worldwide
  • Open Source Culture & related topics
    • Open source community experience
    • Open source related legal issues
    • Open source software howtos, tips or hacking
    • UX & visual design for open source software
  • Open Source Governance & Open Data
    • Platforms for Open Source Governance
    • Open source technologies for government
    • Culture and experience sharing for the open government
    • Websites & apps with open data
    • Open data related topics
  • Any other free software / open source related issues
    • Any free software / open source topic, not listed above, is also welcome!

Proposal Submission:
Submission Deadline: April 24 23:59 (UTC+8)
Announcement of Program: Early of June.

Full CFP Announcement are also available in Chinese and English.